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Learn to play your favourite song
in just a month

even if you don’t have any musical knowledge.

Who is this lesson suitable for:
Those who have the dream of playing piano for your loved ones
without the traditional music lessons that often focus on nursery songs.
Those who have busy schedules and feel that travelling
to a music school requires too much time and energy.
Those who want to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing by
expressing yourself through music.
By joining my online piano lesson, you will discover these:
Secret 1
You can improve your technical skills quickly, with methods I’ve developed over two decades.
Secret 2
You can play any songs that you like at your own pace, with arrangements that are personalised to your style and level.
Secret 3
Your practice time is optimised despite a busy schedule, with manageable sessions.

Mr. Fadzli is the best teacher I have ever had. He is very talented, patient, dedicated, very punctual and he always has his own way of making it easy for his students to understand the lessons. In addition, he also prepared demo videos for his students to refer to when practicing alone. His performance was mesmerizing and inspiring. I highly recommend him to be your online piano teacher as well.

Nadia: – UiTM lecturer

Fadzli is a highly competent piano teacher with lots of patience to guide me through each learning session thoroughly. The lessons provided were tailored specifically based on my music knowledge and the end goal that I wanted to achieve. I feel comfortable and confident when I’m attending his piano lessons. Highly recommended for those of you who are interested to learn piano quickly and efficiently!

Victoria: learnt piano for leisure and to gain a fun skill